All our physical servers are located in our own data centers Stockholm. We also offer services through our partner data centers across Europe.

A common misconception is that the server’s uplink, in our case 1000Mbit / 1Gbit is also the download or upload speed on the server. This is the case as Mbit and MB (MegaByte) are two different things.

A Megabit is 1/8 as big as a MegaByte, meaning that to download a 1MB (1MegaByte) file in 1 second you would need a connection of 8Mbit. The difference between a GigaByte (GB) and a Gigabit (Gb) is the same, with a GigaByte being 8 times larger than a Gigabit.

Factors that can affect the download speed are

  • Hard disk read/write speed
  • Processor limitations/throttling on VPS
  • Share ratio of the switch’s uplink

An uplink is always limited by the hard disk’s maximum write speed, i.e a hard disk can write with a maximum of 50MB per second the maximum download speed will also be 50MB per second. Thankfully most modern SATA3 disks have a writing speed that is much greater than this and with SSD storage this limit has become obsolete.

Limiting a server’s processor capacity also has a negative affect on the download/upload speed as the processor simply does not have enough resources to process a large amount of incoming or outgoing data. This effect can be seen on our entry VPS packages where in most cases you will be able reach download/upload speed of around 60-65MB/S which correspondents to 480-520Mbit, which is nonetheless an impressive speed.

This limit does not apply to our Dedicated Servers as their processor(s) are not being throttled.

Our server’s are generally connected to one of our switches through a 1Gbit connection, our switches are generally connected to the router through a 2Gbit connection. If a switch’s uplink has a total throughput of 1.5Gbit you will only be able to reach a maximum of 500Mbit.

No, and it is unlikely that we will in the near future.

Sweden Dedicated does not and will never log any activities on our network nor do we log network packages. Because of this, it is impossible for us to provide network information to authorities.

Sweden Dedicated only logs payment transaction to us, this is required by law.

No we don’t, but we can install cPanel for you on a Dedicated Server or VPS if you purchase the license from cPanel.

Sweden Dedicated does not allow the any use of unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE) also known as SPAM

Suspension and termination of your service will occur if you send SPAM, no refund will be given.

Yes, TUN/TAP is enabled by default.

Yes! All of our VPS, Dedicated Servers and Colocation packages are connected to the internet through 1000Mbit connections!

Yes you can, open a ticket requesting to access kvm-ip for your Dedicated Server. Please allow up to 48 hours for us to complete your request.

Yes, rDNS is supported by us, please open a ticket if you wish us to set up rDNS for your ipv4 or ipv6  ip address. Please include the domainname and the ip in your ticket.

Yes! Sweden Dedicated encourages it’s clients to use Ipv6, we provide FREE ipv6 ranges for all our services upon request.

This is possible on most of our Dedicated Servers using Virtual Media to emulate a cd or dvd ISO. On some lower-end Dedicated Servers this feature is not available thus a manual installation is required, in this case we charge a small set up fee for placing the installation disk in a physical dvd player.

Sweden Dedicated uses Observium for traffic and uptime monitoring, viewing your server’s traffic in real time is possible upon request.

It is possible to add or upgrade a hard disk in your Dedicated Server. Please note when upgrading a hard disk in a single-disk Dedicated Server that all data will be lost and a reinstall will be required.

It is not possible to downgrade a hard disk i.e a 1TB disk to a 500GB disk.

This is possible in most cases, both for new orders as well as existing Dedicated Servers. It is not possible to upgrade the memory of some older machines as it would be economically more interesting to simply purchase a newer Dedicated Server with more memory from the start.

You can upgrade or downgrade your VPS at any time, simply log in to our control panel and the select the product you wish to upgrade or downgrade. Changes will be done immediately by in most cases require a reinstall of your VPS for the changes to take effect.

There can be several reasons for suspending your service or product.

  • There is an unpaid invoice, if you have a VPS it will be automatically suspended one day after it’s due date.
  • Our services were used to spread SPAM, child pornography, banking fraud or other activities that we do not allow.
  • You exceeded your monthly traffic limit.

Your VPS will be suspended until the start of the next month. It is possible to purchase more traffic during this period to unsuspend your vps.

Reinstall your vps by logging in to our control panel and selecting the vps you wish to reinstall, then click on the reinstall OS button and select your desired OS.

No, all products and services are unmanaged. We do not install nor manage third party software on your purchased products.

Please log in to our control panel and from there click on my products, select the VPS you wish to manage and scroll down the page for management functions.

Yes! We can upload your custom ISO to our Cloud VPS platform, from there you can mount the ISO and use VNC to install your Operating System.

Your VPS will be set up immediately after payment has been received.

If you have purchased Windows with your Cloud VPS package, a manual installation will be required. You can do this by mounting the Windows ISO from our control panel and opening the VNC application. You can go to our control panel by logging in and selecting your active product.

No, there is no minimum contract term on any of our services, you can choose to pay per month, quarterly, semi annual or annually.

We currently allow the following payment methods on all our services and products:

  • Credit Card
  • Bitcoin
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer

Please login to our billing control panel located on this website, then select your service or product and request a cancellation. You can choose to cancel at the end of your billing cycle or immediately.

Only colocation clients are able to visit the datacenter. We understand that a datacenter sounds very interesting but we must point out that it is not a playground nor an amusement park.

It is not possible to use our SwedenDedicated nameservers (ns1 and We strongly suggest you to run your own nameservers or use the nameservers of your domain registrar, all most all registrars offers this service for free.

Yes, your service is located in Sweden, thus you will receive one Ipv4 ip address with our services. All our ip addresses will show Sweden – Stockholm as location.