Our Data Centers.

We offer our services from 3 different data centers in the Stockholm area.

Kista Gate

Our primary data center was completed in 2018 and features the latest technology used in data centers. Sweden Dedicated offers all its services from this data center including the possibility of connecting you to all major internet exchanges in Sweden. Besides the usual technology features; our data center also includes a restaurant, gym, conference room and a recreation area. Kista Gate is has three independent fiber rings.

Visiting the data center for prospective customers is possible by appointment.

  • Name: Kista Gate
  • In use since: 2018
  • Server hall size: 2x 200 M2
  • Total size: 700 M2
  • Power Capacity: 2.5 MW
  • UPS System: 3x MGE Galaxy 3x 400V 300 kVa
  • Standby UPS: 2x 3x400V 400 kVA
  • Generator: Volvo 706 KVA, 21 m3 diesel
  • Cooling: Emerson
  • Fire prevention: Inergen
  • A+B Feed in all racks
  • Three redundant fiber rings

Pionen data center

This former nuclear bomb shelter is located 30 meters under the ground and is capable of withstanding the impact of hydrogen bomb. The entrance is protected by a 40cm thick steel door. It´s current owner and operator; Bahnhof AB transformed this shelter into a futuristic data center that leaves you breathless.

  • 1110 square meters.
  • 100 KW cooling capacity per corridor, totalling about 1.5 MW of cooling capacity.
  • Fire prevention and fire fighting systems.
  • CCTV installations in and outside the facility.


  • Name: Solna
  • In use since: 2015
  • Size: 200 m2 server hall 400 m2 total
  • UPS System: Battery pack
  • Generator: Dual generator 200 KW
  • Cooling: Emerson
  • Fire prevention: Inergen